Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

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A little info on the book

This book is a culmination of 10 years of research that led to the face to face meetings with God. (The Holy Trinity) I have since walked with Father God, reached enlightenment and made my way into heaven. Together (The Holy Trinity) we've changed creation in a unique way. Once Upon a Transcendent Realm is the story of the journey which led to many heavenly and spiritual encounters with angels, demons, and many extraordinary and supernatural beings from beyond this realm. You can pick up a copy on Amazon!

Spiritual Enlightenment - Otherworldly Understanding

One insight I uncovered is OBE, not only have I cataloged 3 different variations, I've also been through the white light at the end of life. I learned to navigate these complex systems so far as to make it to heaven.

At first the trips were over my head, it took months to understand the complexity beyond this realm. After years of scientific study, and with God's help, I was able to make sense of it all. God called me The Scientist!

I discovered the spiritual world overlaid upon the material one. I met every hierarchical form of angel. I eventually realized they utilized this complex system to go back and forth between worlds. So I followed them.

I found worlds within worlds. I studied several different types of spiritual beings for years. I learned to move as they do. Their attributes helped me grasp the truth of transcendence and unity. Its what led to my entering heaven alive and later to my learning to be as one.

I studied every religion looking for answers, Father God was The One who taught me directly. He humbled me first then He helped me to understand the reason for the atonement of Christ. Then I was offered a job. Father God and Jesus Christ asked me if I could write.

The next few years were difficult. I let go of the world and held onto God. The world though has a way of trying to make us be the way it is or suffer the consequences. I endured great adversity in order to bring these works to life. God as my witness.

What is Transcendence?

tran·scend·ence ˌtran(t)ˈsendəns/ noun existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.

Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

Once upon a transcendent realm - James Martinez

Before I began writing Father God and I sat talking over the approach. We discussed a few lessons and He asked me to write something down. He gave me the first line and the last line of the book. He asked the first line read "With God all things are possible" and the last line say. "He's always watching over us." It was a revelation to me at the time. I remember processing the notion of all things being possible. For so long I'd lived in the dark but now here I was coming to terms with the fact that all things really were possible. I had lost all doubt, there was absolutely no reservation in me whatsoever. I knew with Him I could do absolutely anything. I had faith!

The next part of our talk was even more amazing than the previous. This time Father God took me up to His sanctuary to go over what we'd call the book. We spoke of its deliverance and its name. It was the first time I'd really given it some thought. I was given one of the most amazing blessings. God told me no one on earth had ever been up to see His place. (we all have a place afterlife, God was showing me His) It sat within the side of a mountain and its base was nestled at the sea.

After a few years of overcoming adversity we managed to publish this first book. Its the beginning of what I believe will be a lifetime of writing and delivering God's word and sharing on the experiences I've been part of with God our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. I do hope you enjoy it, this book will broaden your views on many levels. Its changed my life and every person who's ever read it. (Thanks to God) Bless You my friend.  

Days since God and I changed the world
Million Heartbeats in love since then
Smiles of Joy
People affected

Born in raised in Austin Texas, for most of his youth, you could say James Martinez was thought of by many people as many things but godly wasn't one of them. It was Father God though who took James under His wing and ultimately blessed him for coming home and vowing to do everything with Him from then on. Before these other-worldly spiritual encounters, James tried for years to figure life out on his own. Looking back in retrospect its clear now, James had to go through everything in order to become who God had predestined him to one day become.

James Martinez

James Martinez

Author, Artist, Poet

God blessed James Martinez with a creative business Aswan Creations LLC and a faithful Ministry. James Martinez Ministries INC Both were given to James in 2016 by a few friends who claimed God had inspired them to bless him with them. Aswan Creations LLC is now the creative outlet James uses to help share God's story visually and James Martinez Ministries is the 501c3 charity established to help create and solidify the overall experience of finding the path, while teaching others how to walk it. #LoveIsTheWay #GodBlessYou

James Martinez

James Martinez

Business Man and God's Anointed

By God's grace we have one of the most amazing stories to share with the world. Its a tale only God could create. From a faithful childhood to the darkest corners of life, James struggled with fast living, self destruction, & unrighteousness. After awakening spiritually he uncovers perhaps one of the greatest spiritual insights of all time. (Transcendence) which in-turn led him to God up in heaven, where God befriends James, they begin walking together, ultimately changing the history of creation. (the past) We all live in a different world now because of their walk.

James Martinez

James Martinez


Book 2, Eternus Spirare, Now Available on Amazon

Eternus Spirare - James Martinez

Eternus Spirare is the follow up to Once Upon a Transcendent Realm. James' second book took two and half years to complete. It was stolen just days after its completion and destroyed. It was since rewritten and reworked, its a long story but the spiritual opposition of this world played a part in making it very difficult to bring this follow up book into life.

Eternus Spirare tells of the differences between having faith and belief. Its also written from a non-fiction perspective. Since God shared the creation with James in an extraordinary way, hee see's the world differently. (putting it mildly) Father God and Jesus Christ asked if he could write for them and help the people of the world come to a better understanding of the spiritual truth of life. Eternus Spirare was written from this new otherworldly perspective on how James see's the world now that God has shown it to him Himself.

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